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    Climate change is an enormously complex topic. In fact, to really mitigate its plethora of challenges takes far more than what one marketing agency can muster. That's why Avidly and Superson are approaching the matter from an angle that we are familiar with: marketing and advertising. No matter how sustainable the products and services of any company are, they also must find their audiences and target groups. This requires marketing. To date, there have been no ready-made solutions to enhance sustainability thinking of marketing activities themselves.

    CO2-Free Ads is a concept to help estimate marketing CO2 emissions - and it assists in practice in how to successfully mitigate them. Created by Avidly, the tool has been designed in collaboration with CO2esto - a Finnish organisation that specialises in cost-efficient solutions to combat climate and energy challenges. By entering an approximate figure of your marketing actions - whether they consist of planning, production, travelling, or media expenses - the tool estimates your carbon footprint and guides you in how to mitigate the CO2 emissions of your marketing.

    Cutting carbon from marketing can be surprisingly cost-efficient. However, positive change cannot be achieved alone: others need to join the cause. Avidly and Superson are now actively looking for more partners to take part in the movement of carbon-free advertising, on a global scale.

    Marketing and advertising agencies have been creating award-winning awareness and sustainability campaigns for ages - for their customer organisations. However, the branch itself has not taken big efforts to drive positive change through campaign planning routines and implementation.

    "The entire advertising industry stands in a vital position to do genuine climate action. Acknowledging that the most sustainable act would surely be a total run-down of all consuming and advertising, it is not a realistic scenario nor a desirable one. Instead of that, we can make our industry aware of its actions, take accountability, and strive for a more sustainable option", states Avidly's CEO Jesse Maula. "As a marketing agency, we exist in an industry that actively works for clients who seek positive change for our environment. That doesn't exclude us from the equation."

    CO2-Free Ads is an open platform for any company and agency to use. The more it is used, the bigger the impact.


    Jesse Maula, CEO, Avidly
    +358 40 548 0248

    CO2-Free Ads is co-founded with

    Teppo Heikkinen, Managing Director, Superson


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